Why support the comic on Patreon?

Working fulltime as freelance artist is time consuming, being a freelancer who also loves to create webcomics and have people read them, is an insane job to do!
Most of the time it´s a pick between working the time you get paid for, or spend some worktime on the pages so many people enjoy to read. So first of all Patreon helps me to get a financial balance so that I can take a commission or two less and instead create more of my beloved comic pages.
My final goal would be, to be able to work fulltime on my comics so that I can post pages faster and even create more stories.

By supporting me on Patreon, you will also gain a lot of great advantages, depending on the tier you wish to pick.

Discord Rank
You get a special supporter rank on my +400 people strong Discord server

Early access to pages
Depending on your tier, enjoy up to 6 pages early to read! (per comic, I got 2 webcomics!)

Tutorials and Linearts
Get creative yourself with free to use linearts that are for Patrons only and learn to draw dinosaurs with the tutorials!

Your name in the printed books
Once Tainted Hearts and The Devils Demons get printed, your name will be mentioned in the book as a supporter!

Giveaway Tickets
On the 5th of each month I pick a random name out of a hat, the winner gets a custom colored sketch of a character or pet of their choice.

Critique and Feedback
If you are an artist, you can send me your work and I will give you critique and feedback.

5% Off Commissions
Depending on the tier, you can get 5% off my commissions in the month of pledging!

„Sticker Dragon“ get stickers right away send to their door, lower tier supporters can still get some stickers for themselves too by staying long enough to earn „loyality“ sticker sets.

Loyality Sketch
Low tier supporter? Not a problem, stay long enough and you get a custom sketch anyway, as a loyality reward!

Monthly Sketch
Want to get a sketch without the loyality point? You can join certain limited pledges to get a monthly sketch of a character of your choice!